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healthfitnessfoodhumour: Who did Nate ended up with in the end, can't remember?

He ended up alone.

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Anonymous: what are the couples you like on gg?

Chuck and Blair!
Serena and Nate/Dan
Lily and Rufus

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Anonymous: what's ur favorite season? why?

Hmmm second season, because i love Chuck and Blair games.

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rileyraay23: Have you ever watched chalet girl?

Yees :) I prefer Ed Westwick in Gossip Girl

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Anonymous: I'm now there when Blair and Dan become a couple and OMG IT'S DISGUSTING

Yeees, I don’t like Dan and Blair as a couple.

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Anonymous: what is the episode of gossip girl when blair and chuck sneak off to the bar mitzvah and they hook up, while she's with louie. She then decides to tell Louie that she's leaving him for chuck, but chuck convinces her to stay with him.

In episode 22 - season 4 

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tryingg89: I just finished gossip girl. I don't know what to do with my life hahah

Let’s watch GG again!

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Anonymous: Hii you have a great account😻 i wanted to know what episode does serena tell dan to suck it??? it is just too funny!

Thank you :))
In episode 3 - season 6

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